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Thinking about selling your home? It is important to choose the right agent.

Selling your home is a sophisticated undertaking. Finding the right agent is, too. Using superior sales tools and industry know-how, the right agent will ensure that the process of selling your home is painless, efficient, and profitable, instead of frustrating, time-consuming, and financially disappointing. I am that agent.

1. Meet with you:

The initial consultation would be at your home where time would be set aside for you to “show" and “sell” me your home. This is valuable. As I can take this opportunity to absorb the the qualities of your property. This is also a great opportunity to ask each other questions where we can learn how I can best work with you to meet your goals.

Important to note: When interviewing a Realtor to market and sell your home, make sure you can work as a team with that agent. The agent will be a part of your lives for the next 3-6 months, if not longer. It is no fun being involved contractually with someone you can not get along with or breaks their promise.

2. Marketing Plan:

Once I have toured your home and have met with you I will take the information and compile a custom marketing plan.

3. Pricing your home:

Part of the marketing plan is to determine a "listing price" for your home. Having toured your property enables me to “compare” the special qualities it has with other “like” properties that are currently on the market, are under contract or that have sold recently. Additionally, I will be able to look at market trends, and other statistics that will allow me to provide you with a thorough pricing analysis. Please note, that pricing a property is part market, part science and part "gut feeling". There is no “set” way to determine a “sale” price. But, together we can determine a “list” price, knowing how the market is and what your goals are.

"The seller can always determine the asking price, but, the buyer determines the sale price."

Once my analysis is completed it is best to submit and review it in person. This is a no obligation, no fee consultation. It is my pleasure to be able to help you with your analysis.

4. Getting your property ready to go on the Market:

As a Realtor, I show and see a lot of houses and I know what buyers like and do not like. As part of my service to you, I will advise you on how to make your property marketable without having to spend additional time or money that will not bring you a return! The number one concern to most buyers is cleanliness and lack of clutter. My attitude is to start packing now. It will show the buyers that you are serious about selling your home and it will be that much less to worry about when it comes time for settlement!

Additionally, I will need to have professional photographs of the home and all pertinent information (plot plan, floor plans, upgrades, features etc) that will be presented in a quality brochure as well as on the Internet.

5. Marketing:

Once the home is ready to go on the market I will follow the custom plan that I have submitted to you, that will include, if applicable, but not limited to, publications with the right market for buyers. This helps with people who are not only computer savvy, but still enjoy seeing properties in print publications. I must admit, that the majority of buyers, however, search online for their home. The Internet is great in some ways, but personal searches can also be cumbersome to buyers. This is why buyers still depend on a Realtor to find the right home. While the major websites work well to showcase your home to the market, a Realtor can provide the real details on homes for them. The agent will be able to encourage a showing or dismiss it based on information they know. It is my job to not only present your home at its best online and in print, but to also have a great relationship with my fellow Realtors.

My peers know me through my professionalism and they enjoy working with me. I provide answers to all their questions and I am there for everyone! This is very important!

6. Appointments to show your home:

Every home and property owner is different. I will provide showing instructions that will work for everyone. We have a centralized showing time appointment center that agents can log and confirm all their appointments and you the seller will have access to that information.

7. Receiving an offer on your property:

Now we are having fun! All offers must be presented. You may not like what the offer is. But with a skilled Realtor, most low offers can be turned into good offers. You just never know. I believe in strong, open communications, with agents and sellers. I believe in making a deal a win win for everyone.

8. Inspections, Mortgage commitments and Settlement:

The two biggest contingency concerns to buyers and sellers are the Home Inspection and the Mortgage commitment. Home Inspections typically are done within 10-15 days after the signing of a contract. I will be able to help guide you with a reply to the buyers concerns, if they have any, and keep the contract intact. I will see to it that all buyers who have submitted an offer on your property have been “Pre Approved” which helps in knowing that they have already submitted financials and a credit report to their mortgage company. This aids the mortgage process. The appraisal always seems to be the biggest concern. I am always there when the appraiser comes through to help point out why your home is worth what the buyers are paying.

My goal for you, as a seller, is to oversee all these appointments, replies, dates and concerns. Once I have this all wrapped up, we should be on smooth sailing to a successful settlement.

I would love to have the opportunity to be your Realtor.

Please contact me at 484-678-7307 or email:

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You’ll be glad you did!

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