Buyer's What I can do for you

Buying a home:
I know about finding the right home for a buyer.
I know the values of homes on the market.
I know the communites in our area. I know how to get financing for you.
I know how to negotiate for you. Here is what I will do for you as your Agent:

1. Meet with you.

I may have met you briefly at an open house, or you found me online, or a relative or friend may have referred you to me. Great! I would like to meet with you to discuss your needs, dreams and finances. I will review some initial no obligation paperwork and spend time explaining the buying process with you.This will give you an opportunity to see if we can work together.

2. Starting your search

Once we have agreed that you will use me as my agent, I offer Buyer Agency, which is an arrangement where I actively look out for your best interests, but get paid by the seller. This eliminates that age-old question: "Just who is my agent representing—me, or the seller?"

My priority is my relationship with you, the buyer, to see to it that your home buying experience is pleasant, cost-efficient, and successful.

I have tools to run searches on properties that meet your guidelines. After you have reviewed what I sent you, I will confirm appointments to show them to you. Your schedule is important to me. I will not waste your time showing you houses that are not suitable for you.

I am familiar with the Mortgage process when buying or selling a home. I can explain the process to you and recommend different companies.

3. Making an Offer:

Once you have found a house that you like, I will gather all the pertinent imformation you need from the Listing agent and others so that you can make an informed offer to purchase this property. I will handle all paperwork, explain the process and negotiate the offer on your behalf.

4. Under Contract:

Once you have come to terms with the seller and you have a signed Agreement of Sale on the home of your dreams, I will help you coordinate inspections, financing and settlement through the various professional contacts that I have. Time is of the essence once you are under contract. I will have all dates and things to do outlined for you.

5. Settlement:

I am a strong believer that all the T’s should be crossed and I’s dotted when it comes to the paperwork. I am also a strong believer that Settlement should be a happy time for both the buyer and the seller. I make sure that when settlement happens everything will be in order.

I would love the opportunity to help you buy your home.
Please contact
to learn more on how I can make this all happen for you.
There is no obligation when you meet with me to discuss
what you are looking for or what you need.
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